2023 Countdown for Most Played Episodes – #2

Our 2023 Countdown of top played episodes continue!

This year we are doubling down with sharing our Radio Shows and Podcast Shows in their own lists. With over 17K plays these episodes covered all trends and hot topics of 2023. Follow along through New Year’s Eve as we countdown and highlight 2023 top played episodes.

#2 on the Radio

Host David Harlow speaks with Stephen Williams, CMO of SomaLogic, about the promise of proteomics, linking thousands of blood proteins to clinical truths using machine learning to develop predictive analytics leading to effective prescribing of drugs and other interventions before symptoms or other test results might be available. Listen in on this fascinating discussion of SomaLogic’s platform, tests, research, and roadmap.

#2 on the Podcast Network

Hosts Alan Sardana & Dr. Joshua Liu speak with H. James Blum, Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of Iowa, about “Practical implementation of AI and Predictive Modeling for Personalized Care, Improving Patient Access to Care, Focusing Less on Tech Specs and More on Outcomes, and more.”

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