2023 Countdown for Most Played Episodes – #3

Our 2023 Countdown of top played episodes continue!

This year we are doubling down with sharing our Radio Shows and Podcast Shows in their own lists. With over 17K plays these episodes covered all trends and hot topics of 2023. Follow along through New Year’s Eve as we countdown and highlight 2023 top played episodes.

#3 on the Radio

Hosts Gil Bashe and Gregg Masters welcome Tom Lawry National Director for AI, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft. They discuss AI innovation for good. Tom is a healthcare and software executive with extensive experience in startups, Fortune 100 companies and large, mission-driven health systems. He’s adept at creating and accelerating use of cloud-based AI and analytics solutions that drive digital transformation in healthcare. Tom is passionate and experienced at improving the effectiveness of health systems through thoughtful use of technology balanced with personalized human touch. Or as otherwise framed he’s one of the good guys in the tech space.

#3 on the Podcast Network

Host Ramesh Kumar talks to Joe Hodges from CareValet. Member engagement is increasingly challenging with the fragmentation of solutions being offered. While more solutions should be an opportunity, Hodges from CareValet goes deeper into the topic of member engagement and healthcare benefits. Ramesh and Joe uncover specific ideas on how to increase engagement, the value of it, and the steps TPAs should take to start this journey.

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