2023 Countdown for Most Played Episodes – #7

Our 2023 Countdown of top played episodes continue!

Merry Christmas! This year we are doubling down with sharing our Radio Shows and Podcast Shows in their own lists. With over 17K plays these episodes covered all trends and hot topics of 2023. Follow along through New Year’s Eve as we countdown and highlight 2023 top played episodes.

#7 on the Radio

Steve Lefar, Chief Strategy Officer, Strata Decision Technology
Host Matt Fisher is joined by Steve Lefar, Chief Strategy Officer, Strata Decision Technology. They discuss Definition of healthcare finance; challenges of determining actual cost of services in healthcare; impact of knowing the cost of care; importance of considering SDOH and other community factors in delivering better care; considerations for driving change in healthcare system.

#7 on the Podcast Network

Part 1 of 6: What is ST91? An Introduction to Flexible Endoscope Standards
Whether you’re a veteran of flexible endoscope processing, or brand new to the field, this podcast series on ST91 is designed for you! Dr. Mary Ann Drosnock introduces us to the newest AAMI standard for flexible endoscope processing, ST91. From the background and history of the standard, to what the language in this document means, this is a perfect introduction for those who want to learn more about ST91.

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