11th annual Connecting Michigan for Health conference

The 11th annual Connecting Michigan for Health conference hosted by the Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) brought speakers together to discuss an array of topics, including Interoperability, FHIR®, Care Quality, just to name a few, and left attendees inspired to continue to amplify their efforts.

The two day conference was part of the Amplify: Connecting Michigan for Health 2019. Amplify was 5 days of summits including 2 days of challenges in the Conncetathon, a 1 day legal summit, and finishing with the Connecting Michigan for Health. See the schedule tab for details and presentation downloads that are available.

Hashtag: #CMH2019
Twitter: @MiHIN

Opening Keynote: Elise Sweeney Anthony, Executive Director, Office of Policy, ONC

Advancing Implementation of Title IV of the 21st Century Cures Act

Yes, It CAN Be Shared – eConsent and the Truth About Behavioral Health Information

By Moderator: Shreya Patel, National Health and Privacy Policy Advisor, Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services; Speakers: Jeff Chang, CEO, PCE Systems; Gregory Moore, Member, Dickenson-Wright; Megan Vanderstelt, Policy Director, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services; Ed Worthington, IT Director, Northern Physicians Organization

While Michigan has been extremely successful at exchanging physical health information through the statewide Health Information Network (MiHIN), it has not been as successful at exchanging behavioral health information. Overlapping federal and state privacy laws have resulted in a national phenomenon, where providers are adopting an overly strict interpretation of the language; and, behavioral health information is being safeguarded in a way that can many times be contrary to public health and coordination of care efforts. This panel will discuss the current behavioral health landscape and how consent solutions, such as electronic consent, could contribute to more meaningful sharing of behavioral health information. This multidisciplinary panel will examine behavioral health and consent from a legal, policy, and technology perspective.


Dr. Stephen Shaya, Managing Director, J&B Medical; Chris Bailey, Director of Business Development, Velatura

Telehealth, virtual care, is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient health literacy, access and self-management. Support from payers continues to evolve and grow, adoption by hospitals is around 76% nationally, but overall utilization by patients has been low. Join this panel session as we discuss the integration opportunities of HIE and Telehealth, reimbursement challenges for providers and other adoption barriers that exist.

Bridging the Gap – Creating a National Gap in Care Ecosystem

Moderator: Bo Borgnakke, Emerging Solutions Manager, Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services; Speakers: Lenel James, Business Lead for the Industry Standards and eHealth, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association; Sharon Kuhrt, Manager, Quality Improvement, HEDIS Operations, Priority Health; Tara O’Neil, Director Quality Improvement, Meridian; Bryn Rhodes, Principal, Dynamic Health Group; Danny Zajac, Medical Data Analyst, Olympia Medical

As we advance the national conversation surrounding the dissemination and utilization of quality measure results and gaps in care. It is critical to improve the methods of which quality measure feedback is obtained and to put it into the hands of providers. Currently, this process suffers from long turn-arounds, siloed sources of results, and disparate presentation formats. During this session, we’ll highlight successful best practices of measurable results and gaps in care integration, discuss the evolution and implication of a national standard, integration of gaps in care into provider workflows, and how to effectively close gaps in care and improve quality scores.