10 Useful and Free Mobile Medical and Health Apps

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Technology has improved many aspects of living, and boosting the physical wellness of individuals is one of them. With so many apps in the market, you can keep track of your heart rate and monitor your diet with no help from professionals. You can even have medical consultations with some of the apps out there.

Though it’s still better to ask assistance from medical professionals, many apps aim to provide you with all the information to keep you healthy. Not everyone can go to college and study about medicine, so it’s lucky that developers made it possible for laymen to understand health and medical jargons.

Below are 10 of the best apps for Andorid and iOS users:

  1. Medscape  (medscape.com) –  With this app, you’ll be updated with the latest medical news, learn about diseases and medical procedures, know herbal and traditional information for every illness, save articles and read them offline, and a lot more. What’s good about Medscape is you can use it even when there’s no internet connection.
  2. WebMD (webmd.com)  – Just by indicating symptoms, learn about possible medical conditions with this app. It includes first-aid essentials that can come in handy during emergencies. Local listings of medical institutions and personnels are also available so that looking for help can come in easier.
  3. First Aid (teltea.com)– The easy-to-navigate layout of this app makes learning about first aid techniques a breeze. It ‘s designed to accompany users through nerve-wracking situations. Thus, it provides simple instructions on what to do for every medical emergency. The tutorials use illustrations, videos and texts to make the instructions easy to understand.
  4. Home Remedies (homeremediesforyou.com) – Some common ailments can be treated by stuff straight from your kitchen. It helps you know which materials are good for the body and how you can use it to cure simple sickness. Herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits are the main ingredients of the remedies featured in this application.
  5. Blood Pressure (sites.google.com/site/szykmobile) – Keep track of your blood pressure with this user-friendly app. It can record and track your blood pressure measurements (systolic, diastolic, pulse, weight) and make analyses of it. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to make sure that their heart is healthy.
  6. Cardiograph (macropinch.com) – Monitor your heart rate with this handy app that utilizes a method used by professionals. It’s an ideal app that can be used whenever you exercise or even when you’re distressed. Basically, it’s an app that can record your heart rate for future reference.
  7. Visual Anatomy (edumobapp.com) – Meant as a learning tool, this app includes rotational 3D overview models of different body systems. It’s something that can be useful for students, but it can also serve as a visual reminder to professionals. It doesn’t just provide the name of body parts but their functions as well.
  8. Virtuagym Fitness Home and Gym (virtuagym.com) – Some people prefer working out at home, while other prefer going to the gym. This app caters to both. With exercise demonstrations and instructions that can be used whichever you choose, it can efficiently track your progress. It even includes nutrition plan and goal setting.
  9. Workout Trainer (skimble.com) – Unlike some fitness apps, this one caters exercises based on your specifications and body measurements. The workouts in this app are grouped depending on the body areas you want toned or trained. You can view and update your progress online, making it easy to keep track of your record.
  10. Calorie Counter (myfitnesspal.com) – It’s chosen as the best app because of various reasons. One, it has the largest database when it comes to food. And second, it’s very efficient to use since you can access your account via mobile and computer. It also takes note of your favorite food and even provides exercises to help you lose those fats.

About the Author: Robine Fisher is a blogger and proofreader for Bestdissertation.com. She advocates the use of technology in education and medical fields. She plans to go to graduate school by next year. Connect with her on Google+.