What’s the Buzz?

Dr. David Blumenthal’s new blog “Health IT Buzz” debuted this past Monday on November 23rd. The first post, “Continuing Our Conversation about Health IT…”introduces the blog. With 2 posts and over 70 comments in a holiday week, I’d say it just might be “the buzz”. The new blog comes on the heels of the Federal Advisory Committee Blog which debuted a short four weeks ago. Both blogs appear to be soliciting input and discussion from all the stakeholders on the current HIT topics.

While the FAC blog relies on guest bloggers, it looks like the “Buzz” will be specifically coming from Blumenthal or announcements from his office. There is already comments on why two blogs and what is the difference? There has been no response to that yet.

In its second post Blumenthal announces $80M in ARRA funds for workforce training. The funds are a part of the HITECH grant programs and targeted to meet the needs of the future health IT industry. The ONC is estimating the need for 50,000 qualified and trained HIT professionals to support future health care systems and plan to leverage the nation’s community college system as the training ground. Read the press report.

Stay tuned to the Health IT Buzz and the FAC Blog for the lasted discussions on the hottest topics of the ONC and the Policy and Standards Committees.