What’s Going On with Blockchain in Healthcare?

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Can a continuously growing chain of blocks using cryptography have applications in healthcare?  Once written as two words, block chain, now is known as blockchain. But what is it? Why is everyone talking about it? And how can it help healthcare? Stay tuned as we search for answers and report regularly as this technology integrates itself into healthcare. Read more of our posts on Blockchain.

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The Tate Chronicles

Tune in to HealthcareNOW Radio, weekdays at 11:30am ET, The Tate Chronicles with host Jim Tate. Jim is on the search for disruptive technologies that will change healthcare. His first series of episodes will focus on blockchain. This episode features Santosh Bhavani and Amit Mehta, MD, co-founders of MedNetwork, a full service platform provider for telemedicine on the blockchain.

News, Resources, & Noted

Mount Sinai Launches Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (@MountSinaiNYC) and the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare announced the official opening of the Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research. The ambitious venture—the first of its kind at any academic medical center—will place Mount Sinai on the cutting edge of research that uses the technology, a distributed, decentralized secure database system originally developed for Bitcoin, to solve problems in health care and medical science.

A Pragmatic Solution to a Major Interoperability Problem: Using Blockchain for the Nationwide Patient Index
By Michael L Gagnon, HealtHIE Nevada and Grant Stephen, bPrescient, Inc – Associating the health-related records and transactions of patients with their numerous “identities” as they interact with different healthcare providers, payers, pharmacy benefit managers and other entities is an expensive and complex problem. Read the paper.

Three Ways to Revolutionize EHR With Blockchain
By Inga Shugalo, Itransition – When it comes to EHRs, physicians tend to take them as a necessary evil. While health specialists struggle to work with clogged and slow legacy systems, they can’t just quit on using them. EHRs help aggregate patient data, allowing physicians to make more informed decisions and thus offer the best possible care to their patients. Read the article.

Looking for Blockchain Experts
Jobs at SimplyVital Health – Their vision is to accelerate the development of an internationally connected health information exchange, which, with Blockchain technology, is a completely attainable goal. We will be the trailblazers ushering in the change.

Bring Blockchain Healthcare to the State of Hawaii
Timicoin/TimiHealth (www.timicoin.io), a healthcare Blockchain-as-a-Service company, and First Vitals, a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) grant awardee announced they have entered into a partnership to use Timicoin/TimiHealth’s blockchain for storing real-time data required to support First Vital’s healthcare operations throughout the State of Hawaii.

Is blockchain the answer to healthcare interoperability?
Digital Commerce 360 – With the meteoric rise (and dramatic fall) of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are now part of mainstream conversation. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, is being touted as the ultimate solution to sharing, security, and transparency problems—often compared to what the internet did for communications. But can blockchain solve interoperability in healthcare?

Blockchain and Healthcare: The Coming Disruption

Blockchain technology is a foundational disruptive electronic force that came to fruition and was birthed during the global economic crisis of 2008/2009. Blockchain’s first breath was taken on January 3, 2009 with the generation of the aptly named Genesis Block.

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