What’s Going On with Blockchain in Healthcare?

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Can a continuously growing chain of blocks using cryptography have applications in healthcare?  Once written as two words, block chain, now is known as blockchain. But what is it? Why is everyone talking about it? And how can it help healthcare? Stay tuned as we search for answers and report regularly as this technology integrates itself into healthcare. Read more of our posts on Blockchain.

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The Tate Chronicles
Tune in to HealthcareNOW Radio, weekdays at 11:30am ET, The Tate Chronicles with host Jim Tate. Jim is on the search for disruptive technologies that will change healthcare. His first series of episodes will focus on blockchain in healthcare. In this episode, Jim’s guest is Danielle Siarri (@innonurse) who has a Master of Science in Nursing Informatics and is a Registered Nurse with experience ranging from hospital setting of transplants and trauma to case manager in a corporate environment. She is very active on social media with tweets, blogs and interviews and brings a global perspective to her healthcare view.

News and Noted

Solve.Care Partners With Lyft To Tackle Need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation – Toshi Times (@ToshiTimes) – The global healthcare IT company Solve.Care recently announced that it is teaming up with the ride-sharing firm Lyft. Moreover, this will see Solve.Care utilize a blockchain-based platform to give Solve.Care wallet holders greater control and access over healthcare-related transportation.

To Read

Health Care And Blockchain: The Impact Of Consortia – By Chrissa McFarlane – Blockchain technology requires a large number of players to be efficient. For that reason, various organizations, sometimes even competitors, have started to form alliances – known as consortia – that aim to create platforms used by every market participant in their sector. It is currently possible to observe such a trend in health care because blockchain can significantly increase interoperability and bring more efficiency while maintaining a high level of privacy and security. Both private and public entities are betting on collaboration to optimize their access to information.

Healthcare Blockchain Technology: The Good, Bad, And Terrible – HealthWorksCollective (@HealthCollectiv) – Healthcare blockchain technology is transforming the healthcare industry. Here’s what to consider about the good and the bad of this development.

Top 10 Blockchain Predictions for the (Near) Future of Healthcare – collaborative paper from Blockchain in Healthcare Today (@BHTYJournal) – To review blockchain lessons learned in 2018 and near-future predictions for blockchain in healthcare, Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) asked the world’s blockchain in healthcare experts to share their insights. In this paper the BHTY peer-review board discusses their major predictions.


Blockchain and Healthcare: The Coming Disruption

Blockchain technology is a foundational disruptive electronic force that came to fruition and was birthed during the global economic crisis of 2008/2009. Blockchain’s first breath was taken on January 3, 2009 with the generation of the aptly named Genesis Block.

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The Basics
  • Pixel Privacy – What Is The Blockchain? – The word blockchain is on everyone’s lips right now. Although you might not really understand what “blockchain” means, chances are you’ve heard people talk about it (a lot). Some people believe it will change our world for the better, and it will replace the banks that we currently know – or similar extravagant things. Although the blockchain came to the general public’s attention when the crypto market absolutely exploded, the majority of the people still don’t understand how it works, what it’s used for or what all the fuss is about.
  • Ted Talk –How the blockchain is changing money and business, Don Tapscott. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.
  • From the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, by Alexander W. Peters, MD, Brian M. Till, John G. Meara, MD, DMD, MBA, FACS and Salim Afshar, MD, DMD, FACS, Blockchain technology in health care: A primer for surgeons.
Who We Read
  • Blockchain Healthcare Review – Known for being a trusted resource, digital health adopters flock to their community to connect with free market healthcare delivery applications.
  • Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY), is an open access online, peer review journal where thought leaders and innovators converge to find solutions in a new health technology sector.
  • Founded in 2015, Blockchain News has the goal of educating and informing those curious about Blockchain.
  • From the Blockchain Unleashed: IBM Blockchain Blog, the Blockchain in Healthcare category.
  • Investing News: Blockchain – BIS Research estimates the global blockchain healthcare market will reach $5.61 billion by 2025. A good reason to know who the players are. Here is their intro article.
  • Toshi Times -Global cryptofinance news outlet covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and the entire blockchain space.
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