WEDI Releases Blue Button Initiative Survey

Blue Button InitiativeThe Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is a non-profit organization established in 1991 by Health and Human Services (HHS). WEDI’s mission is to improve the use of health information technology and reduce healthcare system costs. The organization recently announced the release of a survey on the Blue Button initiative. 

Blue Button is a free online tool that allows patients to securely access and electronically download their health data. The clinical health information may also be securely exchanged with patients caregivers and loved ones. The Blue Button is an initiative led by the  Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). U.S. veterans, members of the military and Medicare beneficiaries all have access to Blue Button. Other federal agencies and many companies in the private sector such as UnitedHealthCare and Aetna, are also offering Blue Button to their beneficiaries or members.

The WEDI survey invites providers, health plans, vendors and clearinghouses to participate in the 2014 Blue Button+ Survey. The survey asks specific questions related to use of personal health records (PHRs) in their practice or organization. The survey results will be evaluated and compiled into a report for the industry. You can access and complete the survey here. The survey will close November 21st.

A sampling of questions from the survey include:

  • Please select the answer that best describes how your organization offers or plans to offer PHR access to your members or patients.
  • Does your organization use a vendor-supplied (aka: off-the-shelf) product or custom developed PHR for your members or patients?
  • Where does your organization get the patient data that is used to populate your PHR?
  • Which of the following privacy controls are offered to patients with regard to their PHR?
  • How do you transmit data to the patient, provider, or third party (app, service, or trusted entity)?

Learn more about the Blue Button Initiative on the ONC website. Take the survey now.