Website to Identify Medical Staffing Opportunities to Assist During COVID-19 Pandemic

You and Blue announces Medical Staff Now, a new national website created to help medical professionals register to assist states in need of their professional services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within a few days twenty-two states have already signed on to and are using the website as a platform to find the medical professionals they need to support their state during COVID-19.

“We wanted to do something to support our state, our country and our world for that matter,” said Brant Claussen CEO and Founder of You and Blue. “We are a nonprofit and created this site, in collaboration with health professionals, as a free service for all to use. In short, it allows medical professionals to answer the call for help that ours and other states have put out during this COVID-19 crisis. Not all states have a way to receive these volunteers or willing professionals online. For others, it is often challenging to register to help.”

Medical Staff Now works in two ways. States can either use the Medical Staff Now form which asks a medical professional a number of “screening questions” and then the information is passed on to the state agency and the person can be further vetted and contacted. Alternatively, a state can use its own registration form that links to its department of health or other agency.

Medical Staff Now is simple to use yet global in scope. It doesn’t require a complicated registration process, will work with future crises, and can handle millions of users.

Medical Staff Now is a subsidiary of You and Blue a registered 501c3, nonprofit that was conceived out of the events surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013. It is a centralized website where the public and law enforcement can come together to make our communities safer, the modern-day crime-tip-line. You and Blue allows for the uploading of videos images, and other useful information to help law enforcement solve crimes faster and keep our communities safer. Our mission is dedicated to public safety, improving relationships between the public and law enforcement, and continually adapting You and Blue to better serve the needs of the public.