Upcoming Health IT Event Speakers

Health IT Leaders take to the PodiumHealth IT Leaders take to the Podium

There are plenty of conventions, conferences, symposiums, forums, and expos coming up this spring in the Health IT space. You can check out our Health IT Events Calendar for the latest information. Here are some highlights on speakers you can check out while you are you at these events.

April 16-19, Washington DC

This yearly event of movers and shakers brings together a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. Don’t miss Speaker Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth, reveals how he thinks about the difficulties of aligning payer and profit in US healthcare in his talk, For Profit & Non-Profits: Can this marriage be saved? Get more information on the event.

iHT2 Health IT Summit
April 23-24, Atlanta GA

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation hosts events that promote improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care through information technology and facilitating knowledge exchange. Our pick to check out is this year’s conference Co-Chair and speaker, Gary Zegiestowsky, CEO of Informatics Corporation of America (ICA). Find out more about this event.

22nd Annual WEDI National Conference: Accelerating Health IT Strategy & Execution
May 13-16, Las Vegas NV

This year programs will focus on understanding the issues currently facing the healthcare industry, strategies to approach these new challenges, how these issues affect your business partners, and how the industry can work together as a whole to create a more efficient implementation. On Monday at the Privacy and Security Pre-conference Session see Ruth Carr, JD, LLM – @RuthAnneCarr in the Breach Notification and Part 2 GINA presentation. On Tuesday don’t miss the Opening Keynote Address – Privacy & Security Post-Omnibus: Implications & Compliance Strategies by  Leon Rodriguez, Director, HHS Office of Civil Rights. Learn more about the event.

2013 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit
May 21 – 22, Baltimore MD

The summit will bring together public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of state health IT systems as they move forward with diverse State health reform agendas. The 2013 summit is co-sponsored by the National Association for County and City Health Officials NACCHO). Drop by and hear Speranza Avram, Chief Executive Officer at California Health Information Partnership & Services Organization (CalHIPSO) speak this year. Get more details on this event.

Listen to Ms. Speranza Avram discuss their REC at this year’s HIMSS.

e-Health 2013 Conference: Accelerating Change
May 26-29, Ottawa, Ontario

e-Health 2013 is Canada’s only national e-health conference and tradeshow that provides amazing education and networking opportunities for the telehealth and informatics communities. If you have never heard Dr. Eric J. Topol speak, don’t miss this one. Dr. Topol the distinguished physician and scientist is the keynote speaker this year. Find out more about this conference.

Download and listen to the podcast of Dr. Nick and Dr. Topol on Voice of the Doctor discussing current state of medicine and the challenges, individualized medicine vs group thinking, patient engagement and the power of mobile health technology, and genome sequencing.