Understanding Value-Based Enterprises

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Although many hospitals and health systems have moved forward with establishing accountable care organizations (ACOs) or clinically integrated networks (CINs), many others are faced with challenges of how to support their community physicians in way that legally aligns with value based trends.

As part of CMS’ journey in regulating coordinated care with providers, a value-based exception and safe harbor was enacted in early January 2021 under the Physician Self-Referral “Stark” law and Anti-kickback Statues. The new provision allows Value-Based Enterprises (VBEs) to be created under the safe harbor protections.

In the latest episode Dan is joined by Jim Carr and Luis Argueso, cofounders of InHealth Advisors. Jim, Luis and Dan discuss what VBEs are, key steps hospitals and health systems must take to establish a VBE, elements important in creating the VBE governance structure, and VBEs integration with value-based payer contracts.

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