UK NHS and Health Data Sharing

A Conversation with Marc Farr, Chief Analytical Officer at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

LinkedIn: Marc Farr
Twitter: @marcwfarr

Marc is an experienced and self-motivated director with experience across research and development, software development and marketing. Approachable and able to communicate and liaise at all levels, well networked in the UK health and academic sectors. Determined, enthusiastic and efficient under pressure, capable of working both independently and as a team member. Wide-ranging research background but specializing in demographic segmentation, the study of inequalities and social marketing.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. The UK NHS has until recently struggled when it comes to data sharing as a result of privacy issues and primary care, secondary care and emergency service systems that do not talk to each other
  2. During the COVID-19 pandemic the UK government issued a notice that required NHS Digital to share confidential patient information with organisations entitled to process this under (Control of Patient Information) COPI for COVID-19 purposes.
  3. COPI has changed the way that data is shared and has enabled healthcare organisations to become much more proactive when it comes to predicting which patients may need healthcare interventions
  4. The hope is that this data sharing continues and that COPI becomes the foundation stone for data sharing with local government and other public bodies (such as the police)
  5. By using data from these other public bodies it should be possible to build detailed insight into local communities and ensure that healthcare providers can use their resources effectively where and when needed most


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