Tuesday’s Tips 4-5-11

Registration for the CMS EHR Incentive program began in January this year. Eligible Professionals can attest to demonstrating meaningful use for a consecutive 90 days and be eligible for the incentive payments this year. Here are this weeks tips I picked up on the Medicare Provider call last Friday.

  1. Registration is forever (or the life of the program), attestation is every year.
  2. All EP payments are single lump sum annual checks paid to the Eligible Professional OR to a TIN that has been reassigned by the EP.
  3. If the EP wants to reassign their Incentive payments, the TIN number must be associated with that EP in the PECOS system.
  4. Attestation will begin on April 18th. To attest you must be registered and you must have completed the 90 consecutive days of demonstrating meaningful use. You do not, however, have to have meet your maximum billed allowable charges.

Here is a recent question and answer from CMS on when you will receive incentive payments.

Q: How and when will incentive payments for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program be made?

A: Incentive payments for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program will be made approximately four to six weeks after an eligible professional (EP), eligible hospital, or Critical Access Hospital (CAH) successfully attests that they have demonstrated meaningful use of certified EHR technology. Payments to Medicare providers will be made to the taxpayer identification number (TIN) selected at the time of registration, through the same channels their claims payments are made. The form of payment (electronic funds transfer or check) will be the same as claims payments. While CMS expects that Medicare incentive payments will begin in May 2011, payments will be held for EPs until the EP meets the $24,000 threshold in allowed charges.

Until next Tuesday, have a good week.

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