Trending Health IT Topics This Week

5 Health IT Lists To End The Week

We like lists and apparently the news cycle this week did too.  Here’s a list of 5 lists (got that?) on trending Health IT topics:

9 Health IT Tools Patients Should Understand This gallery list of Health IT tools comes from InformationWeek and includes electronic health records, personal health records and, of course, patient portals.  Last but not least is one of our favorites, the Blue Button. 

8 Security Questions to Ask Your Business Partners This is a great list from Government Health IT that looks at HIPAA security and the questions Covered Entities need to be asking of their business associates. As noted in the article “63 percent of the people affected by OCR-reported data breaches were the result of security lapses at a business associate.”

Top 6 Tips for e-Patients Quoting a Boston-based medical consultant in today’s HealthcareITNews article, “The ‘e’ in e-patient stands for empowered, engaged and educated.” As we await Stage 2 final rule, health information exchange, patient portals and patient engagement all contribute to the e-patient experience.

Forbes Midas List: The VC’s  Who Are Investing in Health IT Yes, Allscripts took a punch on Wall Street this week but Health IT is still golden.  From this article, “venture capitalists invested $659 million in 91 deals in 2011, up 25.5% from $525 million in 71 deals the prior year. In the first quarter of 2012, health IT companies raised $102 million, a 75% increase over the same period last year.”

8 Tips for Strengthening Mobile Health Security This article from Becker’s Hospital Review caught our eye. Based on a recent report released from Symantec, it quotes one of our own guest bloggers. In the article David Finn, health information technology officer at Symantec says “the healthcare industry cannot let technology advance farther than policy and procedures. We have to protect the data. We know what the procedures and policies should be. We just need to enact them.”