Transforming Cybersecurity to Support Digital Health

A Conversation with Drex Deford

Drex Deford
Executive Healthcare Strategist and CIO, CrowdStrike
Twitter: @drexdeford @CrowdStrike
LinkedIn: Drex Deford

Drex is an eperienced senior healthcare executive, business/clinical strategist, start-up CEO, and CIO; Board Director, & cybersecurity and digital health leader. He wants to make healthcare better, faster, cheaper, safer, and easier to access for patients & families.


  1. The need for the transformation of cybersecurity to support digital health.
  2. The state of preparation to secure healthcare data.
  3. Current threat level of cyber attacks.
  4. Best practices for responding to a cyber attack.
  5. Supply chain vulnerability.

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Cybersecurity Summit Session - Sponsored by CrowdStrike

State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare Virtual Summit

On February 8th, CHIME, AEHIS, DHI and Answers Media Network held a virtual panel discussion, moderated by leading industry expert David Finn, Vice President, CHIME for Association for Executives in Healthcare Information. This session was sponsored by CrowdStrike – Transforming Cybersecurity to Support Digital Health: Digital Transformation in healthcare will require some fundamental changes to cybersecurity in healthcare. See Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist, CrowdStrike, Terri Couts, VP, Chief Digital Officer, The Guthrie Clinic, Vikrant Arora, CISO, Hospital for Special Surgery on this panel discussion.