Top 5 eHealth Trends Reshaping Health IT in 2015

ehealthtrendsAccenture is a global consulting and outsourcing company. Each year its Technology Vision releases a report of their finding on emerging technology trends that will impact large enterprises in the next three-to-five years. This year the Healthcare IT Vision reveals five key trends. Accenture Health experts on this report are Dr. Kaveh Safavi Global managing director and Rick Ratliff Managing director of digital health.

While the healthcare industry has fallen short compared compared to other industries when it comes to technology adoption, the report point out how critical embracing technology will be for transforming patient engagement, enabling personalized medicine, augmenting labor and contributing to better outcomes.

The five trends “clearly prove that digital is dramatically influencing the industry today, and it will continue to do so for decades to come.” See what each is about today and what it will be tomorrow.

The Internet of Me – Electronic medical records bring new and individualized healthcare experiences. “Welcome to the era of personalized healthcare.” Today buying insurance online, tracking fitness and lifestyles, digital communication with doctors, patient care using DNA. Tomorrow, integrating personal healthcare and mobile devices along with personalized insurance plans.

Outcome Economy – It’s all about delivering results. “Welcome to the Outcome Economy.” Today hospitals use computers for everything from patient tracking to OR robotics. Wearables are tracking everything from diets to moods. Telemedicine and remote monitoring are here. Tomorrow, mobile technology will instruct, track, and monitor you through hospital stays. Wearables and hearables will be voice responsive.

Platform (R)evolution – Cloud and mobility are developing rapidly. Today innovative hospital-to-home connected care platforms are being introduced. Tomorrow, smarter platforms will help you make decisions and healthcare choices.

Intelligent Enterprise – Big data is not just a buzzword in healthcare today. Today health analytics and cognitive technology along with intelligent hospital network systems. Tomorrow, electronic health records will include a lifetime worth of data, generations of family history, and genomics, to enable more personalized protocols.

Workforce Reimagined – Humans and machines working better and more together. Today online medication ordering, risk calculating phone apps, and home based diagnostic testing. Tomorrow, technology will make it easier for patients to develop their own caregiving team using social platforms.

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