This Just In Radio with Cannon Medical at ViVE in Nashville

Listen in to This Just In Radio with host Justin Barnes at ViVE in Nashville on governance and the structure of data.

Data governance plays a huge role in healthcare because data itself is everywhere within the walls of every healthcare system. From clinical images to metadata to text, healthcare data is abundant. Justin and his guests discuss how the practice of data governance management can positively impact clinical care, as well as how it relates to automation and AI, cybersecurity, and enterprise imaging.


  • Mari Savickis, Vice President, Public Policy for CHIME
  • Tim Dawson, Chief Technology Officer, Canon Medical
  • Drex DeFord, Healthcare Strategist and CIO at CrowdStrike
  • Jeff Hendrikse, Vice President, Enterprise Imaging, Canon Medical
  • Randi Gibbs, Solutions Architect, Canon Medical
  • Kim Garriott, Chief Innovation Officer- Global Healthcare & Life Sciences, NetApp