The Social Determinants of the Healthcare Consumer

Featuring: Matt Gove, former Chief Marketing Officer at Summit Health and CityMD

Healthcare consumers are driven by convenience, access, cost, relationships, and flexibility. Quite the demand and even greater in expectation. But are healthcare organizations ready and able to meet these expectations today? And what kind of technology is required to do just that?

Join Matt Gove, former Chief Marketing Officer at Summit Health and CityMD and host Alan Tam, Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health as they explore the intersection of what drives healthcare consumer behavior, and the ongoing struggle healthcare organizations have in meeting their needs.

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5 Takeaways

  1. Consumers in healthcare make decisions based on convenience, access, flexibility, cost, and relationships.
  2. Improvement can be taken in understanding how a consumer interacts with the health system in order to personalize and facilitate their journey.
  3. Most health systems are more focused on what they need from the customer rather than what the customer needs from them! It’s time to shift the focus to the customer’s needs, instead of the physician’s or office’s needs.
  4. Your brand is nothing more than the sum of your patient’s experience with your healthcare system.
  5. The marketing department is uniquely positioned to touch people and improve the customer experience more than even the clinical team.

Meet the Host

Alan Tam

Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health
LinkedIn: Alan Tam

As the Podcast Host for Hello Healthcare and Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health, Alan is on a mission to help healthcare accelerate their digital transformation and advancement of the healthcare consumer experience. Through story telling and sharing insights from innovative healthcare leaders, Alan is hoping to drive meaningful impact and change to healthcare one conversation at a time.

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