The ONC Calls In to This Just In Summer HITs Show

On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, This Just In aired live in Atlanta for its first ever Summer HITs episode. Along with several Atlanta health IT executives and innovators, Justin had 3 very special guests from the ONC call in. Here are some of their key thoughts along with the interview in their entirety.

Dr. Don Rucker, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, ONC

We are in the early parts of re-purposing and re-imagining services using application programming interfaces.

The Cures Act requires it on the consumer side in accessing patients health data.

Demands of fundamental transparency of products and prices, are bringing the technology of transparency that will redefine the opportunities in healthcare.

Current rule has delivered over 2000 comments that they are going through. The rule will include API driven technology for patients to get their health data from Providers.

“Patient Engagement” only in healthcare because throughout history of healthcare the third party payment systems have separated patients from control and knowledge of their healthcare. APIs and new services should re-engage people in their healthcare.

Important dates: targeting end of the year for the release of the ONC and CMS rules, and targeting the implementation dates for 2 years after the rule is final.

Humor from Dr. Rucker: He has learned ruling making in DC is a complicated activity after coming from a free roaming citizen for thirty years and now a policy maker.

Steven Posnack, M.S., M.H.S., Deputy National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, ONC

We are seeing an opportunity for convergence in clinical, financial and administrative through APIs.

Many opportunities for the public to participate in initiatives of the ONC.

Health IT Advisory Committee of key stakeholders take public comments at their open meetings.

Encourage commenting on proposed rules and to address the context what are good and equally where there are unintended consequences or impacts.

Important Dates: Federal fiscal year ends on Sept 30. Outstanding procurements from the Cures Act must be implemented. LEAP cooperative agreement announcements will be forthcoming.

Trivia we learned about Steve: He has been with the ONC for 14 years, served under all the Coordinators and been involved with all the issued rules.

Kathryn Marchesini, J.D., Chief Privacy Officer, ONC

Serves as senior advisor to the ONC on areas of privacy, security, data stewardship, and interacts with their federal partners.

Encouraging the industry and making sure that we are baking in privacy and security in technology used in exchanging and using health data.

Encouraging patients to use their HIPAA Right to Access to get their health data electronically.

Concerns they have been hearing include the security of APIs and the secondary use of identifiable personal health data. This is a national discussion that also extends beyond healthcare with secondary use of data.

HHS HIPAA Access Guidance can be found on the ONC website.

ONC does not regulate 3rd party consumer health apps, but is does provide the Model Privacy Notice. Template strategy for developers can be found on the ONC website.

Important Dates: Health IT Advisory Committee (HITAC) next public meeting is September 17th.

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This article was originally published on HealthcareNOW Radio.