The Modernization of Medicine Through Use of Technology

Dr. Eric J. Topol on Voice of the Doctor

Throughout 2012 we have had a great number of distinguished speakers and experts graciously lend their voices to our educational programming airing on These experts have provided insight on a great number of topics to an audience of  healthcare providers and the health IT community at large. Now, we have the incredible fortune of bringing one of the most influential thought leaders in the healthcare industry to Voice of the Doctor.

Dr. Eric J. Topol is a leader in the movement to modernize medical treatment through use of technology.  A recent keynote speaker at the CHIME12 conference in October, Dr. Topol will also be a keynote speaker at HIMSS13 in March. His new book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How The Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care, chronicles how social networking, smartphones and connectivity will change healthcare forever.  To glean his perspective on the latest innovations currently influencing the practice of medicine and the changing physician-patient relationship, check out his series of monthly video commentaries on Medscape.

Dr. Topol will join host Dr. Nick van Terheyden on his show, Voice of the Doctor, on November 16 at 2:30 Eastern. The two will be  looking at:

  • Current state of medicine and the challenges
  • Individualized medicine vs group thinking
  • Patient engagement and the power of mobile health technology
  • Genome sequencing

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to tune in and listen to a fireside chat with one of the most renowned thought leaders in healthcare today.

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About Eric J. Topol, M.D.

A premier cardiologist, genetic researcher, and technologist, Eric Topol sees the future of health care, and he likes what he sees. As a leader in the movement to modernize medical treatment through the latest technology, Dr. Topol is creating new, more effective ways to treat patients — ways that will dramatically bring down the costs of health care.medical field. Now with powerful new tools to sequence each individual’s whole genome, and the unparalleled convergence of technology, we have a new window into what makes us tick, what makes us an individual. Consumers have the unprecedented capacity to take control of their own individual information and revolutionize medicine.

A dynamic and eloquent speaker, Dr. Topol presents fascinating developments in wireless technology that allow physicians to monitor and respond to their patients vital signs from anywhere in the world — all in real time. He is also a leading medical researcher in the area of genomics, where his work has led to the discovery of the genes that increase a person’s risk of heart attack. He has pioneered new drugs and new advances in the treatment of heart disease. Dr. Topol’s voluminous medical research has led him to being named “Doctor of the Decade” by the Institute for Scientific Information. Dr. Topol is working to bring a new kind of medicine into widespread practice: specifically-designed treatments based on the individual’s unique genetic structure. This innovative approach, combined with the latest in medical technology, opens up a world of highly personalized treatment, better care, reduced need for hospital beds, and lower costs for everybody.

As director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, he is dedicated to training new generations of physicians and scientists for research based careers — bringing together the latest scientific findings and clinical work for more effective medical research. Dr. Topol has been named the Most Influential Physician Executive in health care byModern Healthcare magazine.