The Healthcare Smoke Jumpers

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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Host of Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist#TheIncrementalist

On this episode I talked to Dominique Wells, Chief Operating Officer at Conduit Health Partners, a remote virtualization company to extend the healthcare team. Dominique started out her career in the housekeeping staff and progressed through various roles, qualifying as a nurse and through each step learning to experience and understand healthcare from the bottom up.

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Dominique’s incremental advice to everyone is

“Not to be afraid”

As she puts it “go knock those doors down…walk through those doors and step through” learning every step of the way.

Nearly everyone at Conduit is a nurse like Dominique and so they apply that lens to everything they do with their nurse-first culture and they pride themselves in bringing the whole team to the table to solve problems with a community approach.

Listen in to hear our discussion on the pandemic and what it taught healthcare and how her organization and staff responded and the importance of closing the loop for staff working in a virtual setting and how they go about that.

This article was originally published on the Dr. Nick – The Incrementalist blog and is republished here with permission.

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About the Show
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