The Future of Healthcare

crystalballWhat will healthcare look like in the future? How will it be delivered? There are a lot of people and a lot of ideas on the subject but it seems to be clear we are in for a big change. Here are a few interesting views.

The Wall Street Journal: What Health Care Will Look Like in 2030. Maybe., By David Blumenthal
The former ONC continues to evolve his vision of where healthcare is going. It’s 2030. Scenarios like the following are routine. Your mobile device chimes with an audible message. Sensors in your 85-year-old father’s apartment show that he hasn’t opened the fridge today and hasn’t taken his medicines. He’s breathing more rapidly and urinating less than normal.

The Motley Fool: 3 Best Stock Investments in the Future of Healthcare , By Keith Speights
These famous financial strategists can’t help but see the future of healthcare. Right now might be to healthcare what the early 1990s were to the Internet: an era on the cusp of a true industry transformation. What will healthcare look like in the years ahead – and how can investors succeed with the changes? Here are three of the best stocks for investing in the future of healthcare.

Medical Daily: Telemedicine Is The Future Of Health Care: On-Call Docs To Examine, Diagnose, And Treat Patients Remotely, By Dana Dovey
Smartphones and tablets are used for just about everything, from monitoring your bank account to ordering a cab, so it would only make sense that health care become part of this technological advancement. Telemedicine is the union between technology and health, and many believe it is the future of health care in the U.S.

Business CheatSheet: The Future of Medical Care: Tech Companies Like IBM, By Nikelle Snader
If you’ve ever watched an episode of House, the medical drama that aired on FOX for eight years, then you’ve watched the framework of differential diagnosis in action. Essentially, the process eliminates the possibility of certain afflictions one by one, until the medical team arrives at only one issue that could be causing all of the patient’s symptoms.

MediaPost: Why The Future Of Healthcare Will Be Smarter Than The Past, By Prodeep Bose
I was at a graduate student class presentation at NYU on the future of media. The focus was on four scenarios around automation, surveillance, semantic web, and the rise of women as global catalysts. Thought-provoking as each scenario was, it got me thinking about the future of healthcare in exactly these terms.

The News & Observer: Campbell University banks future on health care, By Jane Stancill
This NC university is banking on the future of healthcare and it looks like it might win. Thirty miles south of Raleigh in rural Harnett County, a once-sleepy liberal arts college with Baptist beginnings has become a nerve center for 21st century health science education. Campbell University has dramatically added to its academic lineup to appeal to students bent on careers in science and health care.