The Future of Coding: A Report From AHIMA

According to a roundtable of coding experts and health information management (HIM) professionals assembled in June, the implementation of ICD-11 will depend on several factors including whether or not there is a Clinical Modification. ICD-11 was adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in June 2019 and is designed to be fully electronic and comprehensive. No implementation date has been set for the U.S.

In the article, “The Future of Coding: A Report from AHIMA’s Coding Thought Leadership Council,” Anne Zender, MA, senior director, strategic communications for AHIMA (@AHIMAResources), summarizes the takeaways from the discussion including points related to:

  • Whether or not computer-assisted coding systems have lived up to their promise
  • The need for more robust educational systems to support coding
  • The need for employers to better understand credentials to improve job search outcomes
  • The role humans will play as the coding process becomes increasingly driven by technology

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