The 2019 Quality Payment Program API Developer Preview is Now Open

The Quality Payment Program (QPP) Application Programming Interface (API) Developer Preview environment is now open for testing QPP submissions for performance year 2019.

What is the Developer Preview?
The Developer Preview is a testing environment that allows third party software developers to integrate with various QPP Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and test their development work prior to the submissions window.

Which QPP APIs are available in the Developer Preview?
The QPP Submissions API and CMS Web Interface API are now available in this testing environment. For more information about these APIs, please visit our Developer Tools.

Who Can Use the QPP APIs?

  • The Submissions API is available to Qualified Registries, Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDRs), and EHR vendors and developers.
  • The CMS Web Interface API is available to developers supporting ACOs or the groups and virtual groups who are registered to report through the CMS Web Interface.

What’s New to the Developer Preview in 2019?
QPP has added “Oauth2” as an additional authentication protocol to the Submissions API. This feature will enable EHR applications to report data to QPP using the Submissions API, beginning with the 2019 performance year. For more information about how to get started using Oauth and registering your application in the Developer Preview environment, please visit our Developer Documentation.

The authentication protocol for Qualified Registries and QCDRs has not changed with the addition of Oauth. Developer Preview tokens are now available for these organizations when you sign in to You need to have the security official role to retrieve the Developer Preview token for your organization.

Learn More
For more detailed information about updates to the Submissions API and Web Interface API, please refer to their Developer Documentation.

For questions and assistance, please join our Developer Google Group for QPP APIs.

For specific questions regarding the CMS Web Interface API, please join our Developer Google Group for the CMS Web Interface API.

For additional information on QPP access and the Security Official role, please review the Quality Payment Program Access User Guide on the QPP Resource Library.

You may also contact the Quality Payment Program at or 1-866-288-8292 (TTY: 1-877-715-6222).