Telemedicine 2021

We are combining our Telemedicine and Virtual Care reports into Telemedicine 2020. We are seeking out the latest developments around Telemedicine. How is telemedicine used to benefit patients and care givers? What are the newest innovations in telemedicine technology? How telehealth and virtual care fit into the realm of Telemedicine.

Industry News:

Rhinogram Announces Partnership with MediGroup
Rhinogram (@rhinogram), a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant virtual care platform, announced its partnership with MediGroup, one of the largest healthcare group purchasing organizations in the United States. Through this partnership, MediGroup members will have the ability to implement Rhinogram’s virtual care platform to provide complete contactless care for patients, as well as communicate in real-time via simple texts (SMS), multimedia texts (MMS), social media and live video.

CentraState Healthcare System Partners with Noteworth to Deliver Telemedicine Services and Extend Care Management Capabilities
Noteworth (@noteworth_), a virtual care delivery platform, announced its partnership with CentraState Healthcare System to extend the continuity of care for patients in the community. CentraState recently implemented Noteworth to launch multiple programs to expand their care delivery, including telehealth and remote prevention and care management capabilities for diabetes and hypertension.

Medly Pharmacy Joins the American Telemedicine Association
Medly Pharmacy is proud to announce they recently joined the American Telemedicine Association at the Tier 5 level. As the telemedicine sector continues to flourish, Medly believes there are great opportunities to seamlessly incorporate its data-driven solutions and pharmacy fulfillment services to help telemedicine platforms improve health outcomes for their members.

SWORD Health Raises $25 Million in Series B to Accelerate Growth of its Best-in-Class Virtual Musculoskeletal Care Solution
SWORD Health (@swordhealth), a virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care provider, has raised a $25 million financing round, bringing SWORD’s cumulative fundraising to $50 million. The round was led by Todd Cozzens, Managing Partner at Transformation Capital and former healthcare investor at Sequoia Capital. Existing investors Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Green Innovations, Vesalius Biocapital and Faber also participated.

Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces First Contract to Deploy its iUGO Home Solution
Reliq Health Technologies Inc. (@ReliqHealth), a global telemedicine company that develops Virtual Care solutions for the multi-billion dollar Healthcare market, announced that the Company has signed its first contract to deploy its proprietary iUGO Home solution.


Blessing Health System Turns to Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth to Deliver Enhanced Care to Recovering COVID+ Patients
Blessing Health System has launched a new virtual care program allowing patients diagnosed with COVID-19 to recover safely from home under the watchful eye of the Blessing care team. The Blessing Enhanced COVID Recovery Program uses a combination of remote patient monitoring and telehealth technology from digital health provider Cloud DX (@CloudDX).

Latest News from the FCC:

Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel Promotes Importance Of Telehealth During Visit To Whitman-Walker Health
Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel (@fcc) visited Whitman-Walker Health in Washington, DC to highlight the importance of connectivity in healthcare and learn more about how the facility is using telehealth to serve patients during the pandemic. Founded in 1973, Whitman-Walker provides community-based health and wellness services to approximately 20,000 unique patients and clients each year, with a special expertise in LGBTQ and HIV care.

Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel Highlights Telehealth for Pediatrics
Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel visited Children’s National Hospital yesterday to highlight the importance of connectivity in healthcare and learn more about how the hospital is using telehealth to serve families during the pandemic.

Rosenworcel Meets with University of Virginia to Discuss Telehealth
Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel held a virtual visit with the University of Virginia (UVA) Karen S. Rheuban Center for Telehealth to highlight the importance of connectivity in healthcare and learn more about how the program is using telehealth to serve patients during the pandemic.

Product News:

Caregility Ranked #1 in 2021 Best in KLAS: Virtual Care Platforms (Non-EMR)®
Caregility (@caregility), a company dedicated to delivering care to wherever the patient is located through the use of the Caregility Virtual Care Platform, announces that the Company has been ranked #1 in the 2021 Best in KLAS: Virtual Care Platforms (Non-EMR) report.

The IoT Community Announces Hippo Technologies Inc., has Joined its elite IoT Ecosystem as a Platinum Level Corporate Member
The IoT Community (Internet of Things Community), a community of CXOs and IoT professionals and practitioners, announces Hippo Technologies, Inc. (@myhippolife), a virtual care company delivering solutions for healthcare and medical education, has joined its elite ecosystem as a Platinum level corporate member. Its Hippo Virtual Care™ platform and products bridge the gap between physical care and virtual care, enabling healthcare providers and educators to overcome the barriers of time, distance and training.

Tyto Care Introduces Pulse Oximeter to Remotely Monitor Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate
New York-based Tyto Care (@TytoCare) an all-in-one modular device and examination platform for artificial intelligence-powered remote medical exams, announces the release of its U.S. FDA-cleared fingertip Pulse Oximeter (SpO2). This device enables TytoCare users to check their blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, which are both crucial for monitoring chronic conditions as well as COVID-19.

State News:

AT&T and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Will Test 5G-Powered Healthcare Innovations
AT&T* has delivered AT&T 5G capabilities across the entirety of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle in a public-private partnership with the VA. VA expects to pilot a variety of healthcare use cases with our 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC ) technologies to explore how they can improve healthcare delivery to the approximately 9 million Veterans who use VA healthcare services each year.

Making the Cut:

Zipnosis Named Hottest Digital Health Startup From Flyover Country, 2021
Minnesota-based Zipnosis (@zipnosis) has been named 2021’s Hottest Digital Startup From Flyover Country by National telehealth platform Zipnosis is the white-label, Digital Front Door® solution for more than 50 health systems nationwide.


HealthcareNOW Radio Telehealth Playlist
The Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines telehealth as “the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support and promote long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration.” To learn more and find out about the latest in telehealth tune in to the episodes on this playlist. Additionally, be sure to read HCNR’s Friday Five which recaps the site’s month long concentration on telehealth.

Events and Resources:


Telehealth Unlocked Interactive Symposium (@telehealthunloc)
What: Telehealth Unlocked Interactive Symposium
When: February 4 – 25, 2021
Where: Interactive Symposium
Register for this event. Save $200 with Early Bird Rates Before 12/31/20.

The healthcare industry’s embrace of telehealth in response to COVID-19 offers an opportunity to reshape care delivery. Telehealth Unlocked will help healthcare systems to build on this momentum and position themselves for future success. Hear from executives, clinicians, and technology leaders focused on improving the clinical process for patients and developing a long-term strategy for expanding the use of telehealth across the continuum of care
During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, we don’t have to choose between medical care and social distancing. When patients can get health care through telehealth — and doctors can provide it — we protect ourselves and our communities. The website provides information about the latest federal efforts to support and promote telehealth services.

The American Telemedicine Association Events
ATA is a non-profit association based in Washington DC with a membership network of more than 10,000 industry leaders and healthcare professionals. We are a leading telehealth association helping to transform healthcare by improving the quality, equity and affordability of healthcare throughout the world. Find their next event.

Defining the Industry According to the AAFP:

Telemedicine is the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance. It occurs using a telecommunications infrastructure between a patient (at an originating or spoke site) and a physician or other practitioner licensed to practice medicine (at a distant or hub site).

Virtual Care is a patient service model for healthcare providers.

Telehealth refers to a broad collection of electronic and telecommunications technologies that support health care delivery and services from distant locations. Telehealth technologies support virtual medical, health, and education services.

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