Talking AI, NLP, and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Our on-demand and podcast library now has over 1400 episodes in 30 different shows to choose from. Where does one begin? If your interests are in healthcare AI, NLP, or machine language, I suggests these episodes.

On this episode of Tell Me Where IT Hurts, host Dr. Jay Anders interviews Tim O’Connell, MD and CEO and founder of Emtelligent, a deep-learning-based medical natural language processing (NLP) company. Together they discuss the differences between AI and NLP, along with NLP’s role in health technology now and in the future. Dr. Anders and Dr. O’Connell get into topics ranging from the current excitement around so-called “ambient NLP”, to the benefits and challenges of the technologies, to capabilities that the big vendors don’t quite have yet. If you’re interested in speech and NLP in health IT, this is a must listen.

On this episode of PopHealth Week, hosts Gregg Masters and Fred Goldstein speak with Sri Ambati CEO and Founder of and discuss the emerging role of AI in all facets of life from financial services to credit risk scoring to O2 saturation and COVID-19 projections.

From Chief Among Friends, this episode has host Dr. Chris Hobson chatting with Dr. Kevin Ross, CEO, Precision Driven Health and Director of Research, Orion Health about removing data bias from AI and Machine Learning Tools in Healthcare. Applying Machine Learning to population health and how it could help address systemic inequities and aid with pandemic response, such as COVID-19.

On this Healthcare de Jure episode, host Matt Fisher’s guest is Joe Schmid, Chief Technology Officer, SymphonyRM. Topics include: Use of artificial intelligence for patient engagement and driving proactive engagement; challenges of cleaning up data and removing silos between data sources; working backwards from an objective to find best means of presenting; addressing implicit bias and looking at holistic solutions.