Talkin’ Telehealth at MGMA19 with Rhinogram

I caught up with the a group from Rhinogram at the MGMA conference in New Orleans last week. Their booth was active with everyone wanting to know all about new ways to incorporate telehealth in their practices. Here are some of my question I posed to them.

Dr. Keith Dressler, Chairman and CEO

Why should provider implement telehealth today?

Kathy Ford, President and Chief Product Officer

What is something you can tell us about telehealth that providers might not know?

Erika Grau, Director of Marketing

We keep hearing that millennials are demanding telehealth. Is that true and why is that?

And tune in weekdays on HealthcareNOW Radio for Kathy and Erika’s new show Talkin’ Telehealth where they examine how telehealth can simplify communication, improve office workflow and most importantly, drive better patient care.

Rhinogram is a leader in HIPAA-compliant telehealth communications – enabling a better patient experience by making remote healthcare possible, simplifying communication and minimizing office interruptions with its real-time, text-based patient engagement platform.