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Looking for a new position, career, challenge? Predictions show the health IT industry growing to over $280 billion by 2021. B2B spending on IoT technologies, apps and solutions will reach over $260 billion by 2020. And the wearables tech industry worth nearly $34 billion by 2020. All this can’t happen without companies seeking top talent. So who is looking for what these days? Here is what we have found.

SimplyVital Health
Healthcare is at an inflection point and they are taking advantage of it to improve the care for patients. The Founders have worked in healthcare for 15+ years collectively and they have spent 8 months speaking with potential customers – they know where healthcare is going and what it needs. Their vision is to accelerate the development of an internationally connected health information exchange, which, with Blockchain technology, is a completely attainable goal. They will be the trailblazers ushering in the change. Visit their jobs page for career opportunites.

Healthix facilitates the coordination of care and secure exchange of patient information among disparate providers to improve clinical outcomes, promote efficiency and reduce healthcare costs, while operating as a Qualified Entity of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). Check out their Careers page for available positions.

ChartLogic delivers the most innovative electronic health record software on the market—making it possible for physicians to complete a patient chart electronically with ease, in less time, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional paper charts. ChartLogic provides a positive work environment and continues to look for enthusiastic employees to join their team. View all open career opportunities.

Ambra Health
Ambra Health is a Canaan Partners funded, rapidly growing startup focused on the healthcare technology sector which, many industry leaders believe, will drive the next wave of Internet growth. At their core they are passionate, collaborative, quick-witted people focused on helping healthcare providers have an uncommon impact on patient health through technology. Visit their Careers page online.

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