The Usability People

What is Human-centered Design?

By Bennett Lauber – Look, and feel the chair that you are sitting in right now. If you are sitting in a modern office chair it probably has adjustable arms, the height of the chair can be adjusted to match your height.

Usability is the Most Important “ility.”

By Bennett Lauber – The lack of usability of electronic health records (EHRs) and healthcare IT applications, in general, has been in the news again. We’ve heard time and time again that developers need to focus on “Stability,” “Reliability,” “Scalability” and “Interoperability” of systems.

Cigarette Smoking and the ROI of Design Thinking

By Bennett Lauber – Analogies have been a major part of how we explain usability, user experience and/or design thinking to audiences and clients (and potential clients). Many of these analogies involve automotive technology (see e.g. Crash-test dummies and the Usability of EHRs).