primary care

Investing in Primary Care to Ensure High-Quality Care for All Americans

By Arlene Bierman MD MS & Bob McNellis MPH PA – The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the grave consequences of underinvestment in primary care and primary care research. Although we have known for decades that health systems with a strong foundation in primary care can improve access to care, health outcomes (including reduced mortality), and health equity, important work remains to be done.

Primary Care Predeterminism

By David Burda – Healthcare’s “it girl” right now is primary care. Everyone wants to provide it. Everyone wants to provide it in new models. Everyone wants to provide it as part of their omnichannel care delivery platforms. We can’t get enough of primary care.

Can a Subscription Model Fix Primary Care in the US?

By Bernard J. Wolfson – In April, San Francisco-based primary care company One Medical revealed an eye-popping compensation package for its chief executive and chairman, Amir Dan Rubin. His $199 million payday, particularly noteworthy at a company that has yet to turn a profit, made Rubin the second-highest-paid CEO in the United States last year — but only on paper.

Balancing on an Edge: State of Primary Care

By Matt Fisher – What is the state of primary care physician practices as a result of COVID-19? The answer is at best not clear, but very likely in a bad place. Primary care faced significant stress even before the pandemic, but months of not seeing patients and continuing to be on the front line of care will only compound stresses.