US Department of Labor Awards $78M for Nursing Programs

As the nation honors their dedication and sacrifice during National Nurses Week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the award of more than $78 million in grants to support workforce training programs in 17 states and address staffing challenges nursing professionals face in the care economy.

Talent Tuesday: Focus on Recent Nursing Study

Recent study found that more nurses and nursing assistants are seeking flexibility in their work lives and that those who have adopted gig working apps are more likely to feel that they are thriving in their careers. This week’s Talent Tuesday during National Nurses Week is brought to you by IntelyCare.

Talent Tuesday: How to Market Your Nursing Skills

Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB knew in 2013 after she had her second child that the overtime and night shift hours weren’t going to make her feel like the best mother, wife, and nurse. She honed in on her love of writing and started Write RN, a content agency in 2015.

Nursing by the Numbers 2018

Check out our Nursing by the Numbers infographic for up-to-date statistics in nursing today including number of nurses employed, median salary, and number of nursing…