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MIPS: Final Scores Released

By Jim Tate – After numerous delays the MIPS final scores for the 2017 reporting year have been released. These scores are based on a foundation on four individual categories: Cost, Quality, Improvement Activities, and Promoting Interoperability.

MIPS: Heed the Undertow

By Jim Tate – The MIPS scores based on 2017 reporting periods have been calculated. For now, only providers have access to their scores. It is easy to do. Sign in at the QPP website and you can view your final MIPS score as well as payment adjustment information.

The Final MIPS Scores: What to Know

By Jim Tate – The MIPS scores based on 2017 performance were released just over a month ago and there are a few things to know. It is now possible to sign in and, as CMS tell us, “view your final performance feedback, which includes your final score and payment adjustment information.”