medical errors

Are You Maximizing EHR Value by Minimizing Costs?

By D’Arcy Gue – Most of the time, discussions about behavioral health EHR costs focus almost exclusively on the actual outlay for the system, implementation and ongoing maintenance. Maybe hardware is also included when the behavioral health hospital in question doesn’t have the requisite foundation.

$1M Initiative to Protect Patients from Life-Threatening Medical Errors

Imagine a scenario in which a patient goes to a doctor’s office or a hospital and is misidentified or matched to the wrong medical record. Imagine a doctor making critical decisions based on someone else’s medical history. Imagine if that patient is a loved one. Unfortunately, this scene plays itself out too often in today’s healthcare environment — potentially as high as 20 percent of the time — largely because there’s no universal way of accurately identifying a patient, regardless of where they seek care.

Patient Driven Staffing Levels

By Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH – In many ways healthcare is like Mikko’s ballet company. Although information technology can enhance care planning, assist in medication administration and reduce duplicative testing, it cannot replace the people required to deliver care services to patients. Nurses are needed to administer medications, therapists are needed to provide treatments, and physicians are needed to diagnose illnesses and provide treatment plans.