Lisa Gouin

It’s a Buyer’s Market

By Lisa Gouin – The phrase “it’s a buyer’s market” is predominantly used in the real estate business, not healthcare. However, for many practices and healthcare organizations, it appears to be the perfect narrative for our changing healthcare landscape.

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PCMH – What’s In It For Me?

By Lisa Gouin – The number of recognized Patient Centered Medical Home practices has grown significantly over the past few years. But there are a number of practices that are still undecided about pursuing PCMH recognition, practices that have no intention of making the transformation, and practices still unaware of what Patient Centered Medical Home actually entails.

Practice Management in Today’s Healthcare World

By Lisa Gouin – Speaking as someone who was a practice manager for 15 years, this is perhaps one of the most mentally demanding positions in our country today. That being said, it may also be one of the most rewarding should you choose to positively embrace the current transformation as we head into a new era of practicing healthcare.

PCMH – Why It Shouldn’t Be “Just One More Thing To Do”

By Lisa Gouin – As if EHR implementation, Meaningful Use and PQRS aren’t enough, now you want me to do Patient Centered Medical Home and a complete practice transformation…just one more thing to do, PCMH! This phrase, uttered by many providers, managers, administrators and staff, was most likely your response as well.