Is Your Healthcare Data Safe? Three Questions to Ask

By Susan Biddle – In the all-out war for data, the healthcare industry is getting hit the hardest. Experian’s fourth annual 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast states that healthcare organizations will be the most targeted sector for attack, with new and sophisticated attacks emerging.

IoT Devices Top a Long List of 2017 Security Threats

By D’Arcy Gue – It’s worth remembering that 2016 was dubbed the “year of data security” after 90 percent of healthcare providers suffered data breaches in the previous two years. In particular, the Anthem breach of late 2014/early 2015 got everyone’s attention for the sheer magnitude (around 80 million records) of the hack.

Cybersecurity: An Essential Focal Point

By Matt Fisher – Every industry, whether it be healthcare, financial, or anything else, is under constant attack or threat to digital information. This is not news, especially in light of the numerous stories about breaches from Target to Hyatt Hotels to voter databases to health insurers and more.