How Healthcare Executives Can Promote Interoperability

By Devin Partida – Electronic health records are increasingly complex. Avenues include centralized patient management systems and remote data collection from at-home medical devices. They amplify data density for healthcare executives, inspiring advances. Vast quantities are essential for diagnostics and treatment research and development with a digital-first focus.

Interoperability is a Team Sport

By Alex Mugge & Kyle Cobb – An interoperable U.S. healthcare system depends on collaboration across diverse groups inside and outside of government, working in a complex environment toward a common goal. The ONC and CMS play different but complementary roles to advance health data interoperability.

Recap of the HL7 Work Group Meeting + 2023

By Tony Schueth – Point-of-Care Partners had the opportunity to attend the latest HL7 Working Group Meeting held in New Orleans. Here are our highlights of the event, the factors that may have influenced attendance, and the themes of the sessions as well as our “Aha” moments.