HIPAA violations

Even a Pandemic Doesn’t Stop HIPAA

By Matt Fisher – Maintaining and protecting privacy for patients and healthcare information is important and necessary at all times. The requirement for keeping privacy applies no matter the circumstances, which can mean in the middle of a pandemic. The most recent HIPAA settlement announced by the Office for Civil Rights provides that reminder.

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HIPAA Settlement on Repeat

By Matt Fisher – Stop if you’ve heard this story before: a dental practice was unhappy with patient reviews left on Yelp, so responded. In responding, the practice disclosed patient information including names and diagnoses. That is the basic outline of the latest settlement announced by the OCR to resolve an alleged HIPAA violation.

Oops, Was That A HIPAA Violation?!

By Art Gross – Working in healthcare means that you are certainly aware of HIPAA’s existence, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are the resident expert on what constitutes compliance. You know what you can or can’t do – generally speaking. Most likely, you follow the rules as they are explained to you, and don’t deviate much from that.

Vaccination Nation

By Art Gross – Whether you choose to get a vaccine for COVID-19, it is your decision. We aren’t here to provide personal medical guidance or tell you what is right for you. But with regard to informing you about the healthcare landscape, well, that’s part of our program here at HIPAA Secure Now.

Systemic Noncompliance

By Art Gross – The story narrative varies slightly from episode to episode, but the outcome is generally the same. Pay a fine, make a plan, regret not doing this all in the first place. This isn’t some soap opera or Netflix binge-worthy series; this is real life and the characters are the healthcare industry and Office for Civil Rights.