Healthcare Standards

Essential Elements of Information

By Keith Boone – I spend a lot time learning new stuff, and I like to share. Most recently, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about Essential Elements of Information (EEIs), or as I like to call them, measures of situation awareness.

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Local First, A SANER Approach

By Keith Boone – As I think about various models for communicating data to public health agencies, I keep thinking about a federated model, where hospitals push to their local public health network, and the local public health authorities then push data upwards to state and federal agencies.

The 3rd Annual ONC Interoperability Forum

By Keith Boone – A dozen years ago, there were 200 people deeply involved in Interoperability programs in the US. I recently attended the third annual Interoperability Forum hosted by ONC, and I can safely say that there are at least 1000 people deeply involved in Interoperability programs.

Add, Replace or Change

By Keith Boone – Most of the interoperability problems we have today can be readily solved. All we have to do is replace the systems we already have in place with newer better technology. Does that sound like a familiar strategy?

The Longitudinal Identity of a CCD

By Keith Boone – This question comes up from time to time. For a given patient, how is there a unique identifier which uniquely identifies the CCD for the patient as it evolves over time. The answer is no, but to understand that, we need to talk a little bit about identifiers in CDA and how they were intended to be used.