Challenges in Healthcare Cybersecurity

By Art Gross – The healthcare industry is always a top target for cybercriminals, but cybersecurity doesn’t always take the top spot when it comes to business concerns or plans in this sector. While we hear about breaches happening on a regular basis, we don’t seem to act at the same rate. What are the challenges that healthcare faces when it comes to giving cybersecurity the respect it deserves?

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Common HIPAA Mistakes

By Art Gross – As a person who works within the healthcare industry, understanding HIPAA is a necessity, even if it is knowing just the basic rules. These rules and regulations are complex and ever-changing so that they can keep up with the fluid landscape of healthcare, so unless you are an expert, it is unlikely that you know all the details of being compliant.

Healthcare Under Attack

By Matt Fisher – Not a day can go by anymore without a report of at least one data breach (and likely more) or a cyber attack on a healthcare organization. The pace of attacks seemed to increase as the world shutdown in from COVID-19 and security concerns have only continued to increase.

Rising Danger

By Art Gross – Meticulous Research released a market research report “Healthcare Cybersecurity Market”, that indicated a number that anyone in healthcare would want to be aware of. They expect that by 2027 – which sounds far off but is NOT – the cybersecurity market within healthcare will reach $26.1billion with a compound annual growth rate of 19.8%.

Safe Harbor Bill

By Art Gross – In our blog earlier last year that provided an overview of 2009’s HITECH Act we discussed how this was designed to promote the use of electronic health records within the healthcare system and its providers. As is with most things, time goes on and often reveals…

Year-End Health Report

By Art Gross – Ideally, we have a health physical once a year. We assess what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, and make modifications to our overall wellness plan as needed. Hopefully, nothing is wrong, and we can proceed with the usual cautions and goals of maintaining a long and productive life.