Long Term Effects

By Art Gross – Health IT is an always evolving realm, with new tools coming to market as fast as we can master the old ones. With the advancement of technology comes a need for new software and security to maintain these systems.

Remember When

By Art Gross – There was a time when you would walk into any doctor’s office and the sliding walls or file cabinets of patient folders seemed endless. Guarded like vaults, all the information safely under lock and key. And in addition to patient data, there is employee data, which likely contained personal and banking records.

Challenges in Healthcare Cybersecurity

By Art Gross – The healthcare industry is always a top target for cybercriminals, but cybersecurity doesn’t always take the top spot when it comes to business concerns or plans in this sector. While we hear about breaches happening on a regular basis, we don’t seem to act at the same rate. What are the challenges that healthcare faces when it comes to giving cybersecurity the respect it deserves?