connected health

Interoperability and the Connected Health Care System

By Chiquita Brooks-LaSure – The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many shortcomings in our health care system, especially the ability to quickly share and use reliable data to better understand the health needs of all people across the country. This need for more accessible data is why CMS remains committed to making health care data flow more freely…

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Giving Time Back to Clinicians

By Susmit Pal – Next-generation connected health solutions are helping clinicians be more efficient, patients more engaged, and IT more receptive to the needs of the modern healthcare system. Connected, intelligent healthcare organizations are reclaiming a precious commodity: time—more specifically, time to spend with patients.

Using Connected Health to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

By Nagaraja Srivatsan – The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced healthcare’s Triple Aim concept, with the objectives of reducing healthcare costs, increasing patient engagement, and improving health outcomes. To optimize the system’s performance, the ACA mandated a total redesign of the way healthcare is organized, managed, paid for, delivered, and consumed.