clinical informatics

Physician and Medical Student Competence in AI

By William Hersh MD – A number of interesting papers on physician competencies in artificial intelligence have been published recently, and there is no question that all 21st century healthcare professions must have a thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations of AI that they are likely to use in their clinical work.

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Eligibility for the Clinical Informatics Subspecialty: 2017 Update

By William Hersh, MD – Some of the most highly viewed posts in this blog have been those on eligibility for the clinical informatics subspecialty for physicians, the first in January, 2013 and updates in June, 2014 and March, 2016. A noteworthy event occurred last November when the “grandfathering” period was extended to 2022.

AMIA Unveils Advanced Health Informatics Certification for Broader Health Professions

By William Hersh – While the clinical informatics physician subspecialty has been an excellent way to recognize the value of the informatics profession, there are clearly many important other professionals in the informatics field who deserve the same professional recognition for their knowledge and skills in using data and information to improve health and healthcare.