Studies, Surveys and Reports: What Can We Learn?

Our monthly roundup of surveys and reports from around the industry. We found interesting information that continues to give a glimpse into where we are going in healthcare.

2021 HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey Report
The 2021 HIMSS (@HIMSS) Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey sponsored by Carahsoft reflects the perspectives and insights of HIMSS’ members that are responsible for either day-to-day operations or oversight of healthcare cybersecurity programs. This industry-wide survey is the thirteenth annual cybersecurity survey for HIMSS. Data collection and analysis occurred in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millennial Health Insurance Survey 2022
Nearly one-half of Millennials, some 36 million Americans, have experienced a surprise medical bill, and over one-third have received a mistaken medical bill. (@HealthCareInc) surveyed over 1,000 Millennials to assess their experiences with health insurance and better understand how they utilize the healthcare system. As the U.S.’s largest generation, Americans born from 1981 to 1996 are reshaping the nation’s healthcare delivery and the way we pay for medical treatments.

National Nursing Workforce Survey Calls For Change as Non-Negotiable
A lack of action to better support our nation’s nurses amid a global pandemic could exacerbate the current staffing crisis, according to new research published by Wolters Kluwer (@Wolters_Kluwer) in partnership with UKG. “Nursing’s Wake-up Call: Change is Now Non-Negotiable” assesses current and future states of nursing labor models, offering a snapshot of how nurse staffing and care delivery models have evolved to address the profound challenges brought on by COVID-19 and an intensifying labor shortage. The survey of more than 300 nurse leaders in the United States was conducted in late 2021 and sheds light on opportunities for change across care settings to correct course and ensure the best care for patients.

Unprecedented Caregiver Fatigue in America
Seniorly (@Seniorly) released a study on Caregiver Fatigue in America using the most recent data from the Census Bureau, CDC, WHO and the Genworth Cost of Care Study. The new study shows a record 42 million Americans are serving as family caregivers and spending an average of 26% of household income taking care of loved ones. Caring for family members has always been difficult. Since COVID-19, it has gotten exponentially harder with people caring for seniors and children while many work full-time.

SaaS Adoption and Its Positive Impact on Healthcare
Hallmark Health Care Solutions has released a new white paper explaining the impact of Software-as-a-Service (Saas) on the healthcare industry. Research estimates the value of cloud computing in healthcare may reach as much as $170 billion in 2030.

The white paper is entitled “SaaS Adoption and Its Positive Impact on Healthcare.” According to the authors, SaaS brings economic value beyond cost savings. The software can facilitate better patient outcomes because it’s a better overall product and will naturally help the organization realize revenue gains.

Nutanix Healthcare Study: Diagnosis shows that hospitals and medical providers are lagging significantly in multicloud adoption
In August and September 2021, researcher Vanson Bourne surveyed 1,700 IT decision-makers worldwide about where they’re running their business applications, where they plan to run them in the future, what their cloud challenges are, and how their cloud initiatives stack up against other IT priorities.

This report is supplemental to the global Fourth Annual Enterprise Cloud Index (@nutanix) master report and focuses on cloud deployment and planning trends in the healthcare industry based on the responses of 250 IT professionals in that market. It highlights healthcare provider cloud plans, priorities, and experiences and includes comparisons of the healthcare industry’s multicloud activity with that of other markets and the global response base overall.