State HIE News and Updates 7-21-20

State Health Information Exchanges (HIE) come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common: To improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care delivered in their states. Catch all the latest updates on our Twitter List of HIEs. Here are updates being reported from these organizations.

California – SacValley MedShare

SacValley MedShare (@svmshie) is a member of the California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE) and serves the 16-county region of California, north of Sacramento, which includes the North Central Valley and the surrounding mountainous terrain. Its region is largely rural and mountainous, with travel limited by climate and season in much of the area. Good communication is critical to coordinate care between primary care, specialists, hospital providers, and skilled nursing care facilities that fulfill a vital role in post-discharge care for many patients.

Redding Rancheria Joins SacValley MedShare – Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Systems has joined SacValley MedShare. We will be onboarding discreet data feeds as well as CCD’s. Redding Rancheria is a sovereign nation where pride in tribal culture, history and identity is evident internally and in the larger community.

Arizona – Health Current

Health Current (@AZHealthCurrent), is a partner that gives providers the information they need to make better clinical decisions and keep people healthy. The HIE believes more complete information is more meaningful. It makes healthcare transformation possible. And Health Current is central to this progress, integrating information technology and care delivery to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII)

Nebraska Health Information Initiative (@NeHIIorg) is leading the effort to create a secure, online, web-based Health Information Exchange designed to serve the state of Nebraska. Improved delivery of health care information and reduced health care costs are good for all citizens of Nebraska. The state has a proud tradition and reputation of providing the finest health care possible to its citizens. The HIE will help health care providers take health care to the next level.

July 2020 NEHII Newsletter – Read the July NEHII Newsletter find out what is happening at the organization.

Maine – HealthInfoNet

HealthInfoNet (@hinfonet) is a Maine-based, independent nonprofit designated by the State of Maine to operate Maine’s statewide health information exchange. The HIE links medical information from separate health care sites to create a single electronic patient health record. This record is accessible to a patient’s authorized health care providers to support treatment. HealthInfoNet provides a secure, standardized electronic system where health care providers can share important patient information, giving them the tools they need to make more informed treatment decisions, especially in an emergency.

HealthInfoNet’s COVID-19 Update (June 2020) – At the time our last update in April 2020, when we knew much less about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities, HealthInfoNet was in discussions with the Maine CDC, Maine DHHS, and the major health systems to determine how we could best assist the State in their efforts to better assess the situation. Since then, there are three (3) major updates that we would like to share with our partners and participants.

Health Share Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania (HSX)

PA-HSX-200HealthShare Exchange (@HealthShareExch) is the greater Philadelphia region’s health information exchange for the five-county Southeastern Pennsylvania region. HSX is a unique, membership-dues-supported nonprofit formed by the Delaware Valley’s hospitals/health systems and healthcare insurers that links the electronic medical record systems of different hospital health systems, medical centers, and clinics — and the claims data of healthcare insurers — to make this information accessible at inpatient and outpatient points of care, including medical practice offices.

HSX Members Make Historic Efforts Against the COVID-19 Outbreak – A series of highlights of the exceptional job that HSX paricipant organizations have done during the unprecedented circumstances of the public health emergency.

Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN)

wi-shin-twitterIn October 2010 Wisconsin officially announced its intention to designate WISHIN (@WISHIN_Pulse), a not-for-profit organization formed by the Wisconsin Hospital Association, Wisconsin Medical Society, Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality, and Wisconsin Health Information Organization, as the State-designated entity to govern statewide HIE. DE on October 25, 2010. WISHIN is responsible for implementing Wisconsin’s Strategic and Operational Plan. The plan requires multi-stakeholder collaboration and emphasizes ongoing development of government and policy structures.

WISHIN Playing a Key Role in the Response to COVID-19 Outbreak – Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) officials have reached out to WISHIN looking for help in dealing with the public-health response to the COVID-19 outbreak. DHS would like to supplement its current surveillance and data capabilities with the real-time clinical information that is available through the WISHIN network. WISHIN was eager to assist in any way possible and was grateful for the willingness of our participants to lend their cooperation in this effort.

New York -Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY)

NY-SHINY-200The SHIN-NY is the only HIE that provides universal access regardless of network or EHR system. New York State has made a significant investment in the SHIN-NY and in 2016 they set a goal of connecting 100% of the PPS across the state to the SHIN-NY. The eight RHIOs that make up the SHIN-NY are working directly with the PPS organizations to meet their needs.

HealtheConnections: Check out the June Quarterly Newsletter reporting the latest news and information from the organization.

Healthix (@healthix): June 2020 Newsletter: UVIS, Javits Center, Healthcare Innovation, H+H data, and more – Finding Missing Persons with HIE — Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS), read the story and attend a panel discussion. An article appears in Healthcare Innovation — a New York HIE Goes All In on Patient Matching for the Homeless. Check out the CHAT’N LEARN Summer Series and more.

Hixny (@Hixny): Hudson Valley Behavioral Health Organization Joins Network – Hixny connected a behavioral health organization to the community-wide health information network (HIN) in June, further expanding the availability of patient records to the statewide healthcare community and to individual healthcare consumers.

Rochester RHIO (@RochesterRHIO): July RHIO Report – Read the July RHIO Report providing the latest news and information from the organization.

Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL)

VITL-twitterVITL (@VITLVT) is the nonprofit organization that advances health care reform efforts in Vermont through the use of health information technology, and is the legislatively designated operator of the state’s Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE).

Vermont Information Technology Leaders and Cureous Innovations Partner to Improve Regional Efficiency and Quality of Care – Cureous Innovations™ is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) to operate person-centered health information technology solutions for Vermont’s statewide HIE (VHIE). This partnership marks a significant commitment to enhancing health information technology services that will set the New England region on a path toward building an interoperable ecosystem designed to improve the health, wellness, and care experiences of its communities.

Vermont Information Technology Leaders and Cureous Innovations Partner to Improve Regional Efficiency and Quality of Care – Cureous Innovations™ is pleased to announce a new partnership with the VITL to operate person-centered health information technology solutions for Vermont’s statewide HIE (VHIE). This partnership marks a significant commitment to enhancing health information technology services that will set the New England region on a path toward building an interoperable ecosystem designed to improve the health, wellness, and care experiences of its communities.

Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

UHIN (@UHIN_HIE) has been in operation since 1993 beginning as a claims “post office.” Today it also operates the Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE), which empowers doctors and patients to work together for safer, better-coordinated care by making crucial information available to doctors at the point of care.

MIB Partners with the Utah Health Information Network for MIB EHR – MIB, the life insurance industry’s most trusted and secure resource for the exchange of medical information for underwriting, announced an agreement with the UHIN to securely make electronic health records available, upon patient consent, to MIB’s 400 U.S. carrier members for life insurance underwriting using MIB EHR.

Texas – Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA)

TX-hasa_twitterHealthcare Access San Antonio (@HASA_TX) offers value-based, patient-centered information services intended to improve the health status of individuals and the communities it serves. HASA brings together healthcare providers from larger health systems to single physician practices-to enable the secure exchange of health information throughout Central Texas, ensuring that providers have this information securely at their fingertips when and where they need it.

HASA HIE Joins eHealth Exchange Through Use of RosettaHealth Platform – HASA recently announced that it has joined eHealth Exchange, the oldest and largest nationwide health information network connecting the public and private sectors.

Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services

LANES (@LANES_HIE) is an independent, non-profit organization developing a health information exchange (HIE) for all hospitals, clinics, and health plans that provide care to L.A. County residents. LANES seeks to make patients health information available safely and securely, when and where it is needed to enable better clinical care and care coordination.

LANES Connects California’s CURES Prescription Drug Database – LANES announced its HIE connectivity to CURES, the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System platform tracking all Schedule II – IV controlled substances dispensed to patients in California. LANES participants who are licensed prescribers and pharmacists can efficiently access CURES through the HIE as part of the statewide effort to combat the opioid epidemic and promote safer prescribing practices.

Idaho Health Data Exchange (IDHE)
The Idaho Health Data Exchange (@idahohde) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) company. IDHE began in 2008 and is Idaho created, based, and managed. IHDE is a HIE and enables doctors, nurses, labs, and other medical providers to securely access their patient’s electronic health information quickly, 24/7/365, to improve the speed, quality, safety, and cost of patient care.

Idaho Health Data Exchange Partners with KPI Ninja to Advance Healthcare Analytics to Improve Population Health in Idaho – IHDE (@idahohde) has announced a partnership with KPI Ninja to improve the health of populations in Idaho. This partnership will provide IHDE participants interoperable technology and advanced analytics that cut burdensome data processes and instill insights to enhance health outcomes.

Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)

Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (@crisphealth) is a regional health information exchange (HIE) serving Maryland and the District of Columbia. CRISP is a non-profit organization advised by a wide range of stakeholders who are responsible for healthcare throughout the region. CRISP has been formally designated as Maryland’s statewide health information exchange by the Maryland Health Care Commission.

CRISP Image Exchange Quarterly Newsletter (July Edition) – This resource provides information on current CRISP Image Exchange initiatives as well as recent project go lives and a tip of the month for how to better utilize the CRISP Image Exchange service.

HIE Organizations Upcoming Events

2020 SHIEC Annual Conference (@SHIEClive)
What: 2020 SHIEC Annual Conference
When: August 16 – 19, 2020
Where: San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas

Connecting Michigan for Health Conference (@MiHIN)
What: Connecting Michigan for Health Conference
When: POSTPONED Until 2021
Where: Lansing Center, Lansing, Michigan


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