Scottsdale Institute Releases Patient Engagement Adoption Model

The Scottsdale Institute (SI) is a non-profit membership organization with a goal of supporting providers in achieving clinical integration and transformation through health IT. Membership to SI is limited to 50 advanced health systems and academic medical centers dedicated to developing and sharing best practices. Learn more about SI and its initiatives.

The organization has released the SI Patient/Consumer Engagement Adoption Model™. Similar in tone to the HIMSS 7-stage EHR adoption model, the SI model helps measure success and progress in engaging patients and consumers and is a tool for its members and other healthcare systems and providers to:

  • Identify the current level of patient engagement
  • Determine the steps required to advance to the next level of patient engagement
  • Measure progress towards the next level of patient engagement

Here is a look at the model and its 5 levels of patient engagement.


SI Patient/Consumer Engagement Assessment©

SI also provides a brief assessment survey open to any U.S. hospital, clinic or health system to inventory the current state of their patient and consumer engagement levels. You don’t have to be a member of SI to participate, nor is there a cost to participate. The assessment is aligned with the model above.  If you take the assessment, you will need to identify yourself; however your participate in the final survey report is anonymous.

You can take the assessment here.

The goals of the assessment include:

  • Offers a progress report on patient and consumer engagement.
  • Measures your organization’s status relative to the industry.
  • Helps provide a roadmap for patient and consumer engagement.

SI encourages organizations to have several people participate. Each participant will receive a score within 30 days of taking the assessment. Also, survey participants will get a summary report later this year after the data is aggregated and analyzed. The final report will compare rankings by category:

  • Health system – 1 to 5 hospitals
  • Health system – 6 to 15 hospitals
  • Health system – more than 15 hospitals
  • Hospital – under 100 beds
  • Hospital – 101 to 500 beds
  • Hospital – 501 beds or more
  • Ambulatory/clinic site – 1 to 5 physicians
  • Ambulatory/clinic site – 6 to 25 physicians
  • Ambulatory/clinic site – 26 physicians or more

Learn more or take the assessment.