Rules and Regulations Released

In a joint briefing today ONC and CMS announced their respective rules and notices. The ONC released the anticipated interim final rule on Standards & Certification Criteria. CMS issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that outlines provisions governing the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs and definition on meaninful use.

Blumenthal stated the “IFR provides details on requirements for “certified” electronic health record (EHR) systems, and the technical specifications needed to support secure, interoperable, nationwide electronic exchange and meaningful use of health information.” The rules are now considered in their 60 day comment period. There will be much to read and report on in the coming weeks as all the players will be analysing the hundreds of pages of rule. For now here are the important links to check out.

HHS – News Release, “CMS and ONC Issue Regulations Proposing a Definition of ‘Meaningful Use’ and Setting Standards for Electronic Health Record Incentive Program”

The CMS proposed rule and fact sheets.

ONC’s interim final rule HIT page.

The Federal Register.