RECs Meeting Enrollment Goals

Just the Facts from Joe Friday

The numbers you are about to see are all true… As of June 10, 2011

Regional Extension Center

Maryland REC reaches its goal of enrolling 1,000 Health Care Providers. Maryland’s Governor O’Malley and Lt Governor Brown believe that the widespread adoption of EHRs will be key in making their state the healthiest in the nation. It is also on of Maryland’s 15 strategic goals.

The Massachusetts Regional Extension Center is the leader in enrollment over the year with more than 2500 primary care providers. The MeHI primary care providers breakdown include, 45% small practices, 29% from community health centers, 16% from small practice consortia, and 10% from public hospitals.

The Vermont Regional Extension Center is reporting that 75% of the state’s 1000 primary care providers have enrolled for assistance. This makes them the nation’s leader with the highest percentage of their state’s practitioners on the path to EHR adoption.

Hospital Employment

The Bureu of Labor Statisics reports hospital employment at 4,744,200 people in May after a seasonal adjustment. This is up from the previous month 4,100 people. It also reports hospitals have added 65,700 people to their payrolls since May last year.

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