Patient Experience 10-31-2018

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According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (@AHRQNews) “Patient experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the health care system, including their care from health plans, and from doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, physician practices, and other health care facilities.” How can understanding patient experience improve and advance patient-centered care? What aspects of health care delivery fall under the umbrella of patient experience? We will explore answers to these questions and all of the ins and outs of patient experience in this series.

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The Tate Chronicles: Host Jim Tate’s (@JimTate) guest is Dr. Tom Giannulli (@drtomg_HIT), CMIO at Kareo and recently founder of PatientDirected (@PatientDirected), which leverages blockchain and Smart Contracts to let patients share and monetize their healthcare data.

To Read:

What Patients Really Want And Why Healthcare Companies Should Care
In celebration of CX Day, the day the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) has designated to shine a spotlight on customer experience, Denise Lee Yohn, Fobes Contributor,shares new insights about a type of customer experience that is growing in importance – the healthcare patient experience (PX). According to Yohn, PX deserves attention as changes in reimbursements are leading to more patient choice, the U.S. population ages and healthcare becomes a more regular part of our daily lives, and as technology and innovation are disrupting all aspects of healthcare.

Patient Experience as a Priority and Not Just a Portal
PwC reports forty-nine percent of provider executives said revamping the patient experience is one of their organization’s top three priorities over the next five years. Many already have or are building the role of chief patient experience officer. In a few organizations, including Texas Health Resources (THR) in Dallas-Fort Worth, this position reports directly to the CEO.

In the News:

Rivews Announces Acceptance into StartUp Health Moonshot Academy & Global Army of Health Transformers
Rivews, a company that provides health care organizations with a text-message platform that enables them to instantly survey patients after care and manage their reputation, is proud to announce its acceptance into StartUp Health and its Moonshot Academy for digital health entrepreneurs.

Patient Experience Grant and Scholar Program Recipients Announced by The Beryl Institute
As part of its ongoing commitment to expanding the global conversation on patient experience and the human experience in healthcare and the need for rigorous research to understand and address its impact, The Beryl Institute awards grants to ten healthcare organizations and three doctoral students. In partnership with Patient Experience Institute, these programs encourage and support research and inquiry on the value of focusing on the patient experience at all touchpoints across the continuum of care and the impact a commitment to experience has on all healthcare outcomes.

PX Overseas:

WA Primary Health Alliance Focused on Improving Patient Experience by Asking Patients How They Feel
Happy or Not reports WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has recently implemented HappyOrNot, the smiley face customer satisfaction service, in selected general practices in Western Australia, giving patients a simple way to provide immediate feedback on a visit to their local GP.

Cancer Patient Praises Rapid Diagnostic Centre At Neath Port Talbot Hospital
GPs with concerns about patients who do not present with the traditional “red flag” signs of cancer have been able to refer them to the Rapid Diagnosis Centre being piloted in Neath Port Talbot Hospital since it opened in June last year. If a patient does have cancer, they are referred to a specialist team for treatment without any unnecessary delays. If they are found to have a significant non-cancer diagnosis instead, they will again be referred to the right speciality for treatment of their condition. Patients are seen in the centre within five days of being referred by their GP. They arrive around 9am and may undergo a series of tests, with the potential of receiving a diagnosis within a few hours.

Product News:

Patientco – Think about Patient Payments Differently
Patientco (@Patientco) is a payment technology company headquartered in Atlanta, GA founded specifically to re-think the healthcare payment experience. Patientco technology helps Health Systems address growing patient out-of-pocket challenges by providing a superior patient payment experience, delivering meaningful financial results.

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Patient Experience Conference 2019
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