ONC Releases Data Briefs on EHR Systems Adoption for Acute Care Hospitals

New Briefs Look at EHR Systems Adoption, Meaningful Use Among HospitalsNew Briefs Look at EHR Systems Adoption, Meaningful Use Among Hospitals

Last Thursday the ONC released two data briefs on adoption of EHR systems and technology, and meeting meaningful use among non-federal acute care hospitals. For both briefs, the ONC used information from annual survey information provided by the American Hospital Association.

The first brief, Adoption of EHR Systems among U.S. Non-federal Acute Care Hospitals: 2008-2012 shows the increase of adoption of certified EHR systems and technology in the past four years, spurred by the passing of the HITECH Act and EHR incentive programs. The research indicates that:

  • Hospital adoption of at least a Basic EHR system has more than tripled since 2009, increasing from 12% to 44%; and
  • the percent of hospitals possessing a certified EHR technology increased by 18% between 2011 and 2012, rising from 72% to 85%.

From the brief:

Adoption of EHR systems by non-federal acute care hospitals has steadily increased since HITECH. In 2012, 44% of non-federal acute care hospitals had adopted at least a Basic EHR system with clinician notes. This represents a 61% increase from the previous year and a more than three-fold increase in EHR adoption since 2009. In addition, a vast majority of acute care hospitals (85%) possessed EHR technology certified as meeting federal requirements for Meaningful Use objectives. Hospital adoption of comprehensive EHR systems has increased more than six-fold in just three years.

The second brief, Hospital Adoption of EHR Technology to Meet Meaningful Use Objectives: 2008-2012 looks at trends in adoption of EHR technology to meet selected Meaningful Use objectives by non-federal acute care hospitals since 2007 and from 2011 to 2012. The research indicates that:

  • From 2011 to 2012, capability to meet meaningful use objectives grew significantly
  • Of the 24 Meaningful Use objectives examined, 16 objectives had adoption rates of at least 80% in 2012

From the brief:

As of 2012, many acute care hospitals had adopted EHR technology to meet Meaningful Use objectives. Capabilities related to improving quality, safety and efficiency had the highest adoption rates. The Meaningful Use Stage 1 objectives that grew the most were providing patients with electronic copy of health information and clinical quality measures. Adoption rates for each of these objectives increased by at least 60%. Hospitals’ capability to meet Meaningful Use objectives related to improving public and population health also substantially grew within the last year.

You can read and download all of the ONC Data Briefs issues on the HealthIT.gov website.