ONC announces new i2 Challenge

ONC i2 Program

In December 2010 the America Competes Act was passed in response to President Obama’s call for agencies to “increase their ability to promote and harness innovation by using policy tools such as awards and competitions”. The Act allows agencies to create and initiate competitions that invoke innovation and award prizes. Through this Act the ONC created the Investing in Innovation (i2) Program in June of 2011. Currently Health 2.0 and Capital Consulting Corporation are managing the challenge program for the ONC.

This week at the Care Innovations Summit, the ONC announced its newest challenge, a discharge follow-up appointment care transitions. The challenge is to use information technology to make transitions of care easier and safer especially patient discharges from hospitals. The thought is to create web applications that could empower patients and caregivers to better manage transitions from inpatient to home.

Announcing the new challenge at the Summit fit right in with its agenda focusing on care transitions, gaps in care coordination, and better care and health at a lower cost. The summit was co-hosted by the ONC, CMS, West Wireless Health Institute and Health Affairs. ONC Farzad Mostashari reinforced the challenges need while making the announcement, “Scheduling post-discharge follow-up appointments is critical, but not easy for patients or providers and we’re excited by the possibilities that will stem from this challenge.” For more information on the Care Innovation Summit visit their web site or read the Twitter feed during the event, #cisummit.